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 * Big Sky Land Surveying is a land surveying company servicing Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County located in Southern California.

* We currently provide land surveying services for clients in the Southern California area.  Our land surveying services  include Property Line Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Construction Staking, ALTA Surveys, Lot Line Adjustments, as well as Emergency Surveys.

 * We are an insured, licensed, professional land surveying company committed to doing quality surveying at competitive rates.  When you want and need professional and reliable land surveying services, just contact us at Office: (562) 264-0821 Cell: (562) 225-3220 a Licensed Surveyor will return your call.

* Our Company has over 30 years' experience in land surveying in both the private sector and the California Department of Transportation.  Our surveying equipment is state of the art technology and we have a licensed land surveyor on the job site AT ALL TIMES.

*Ours is a family owned business that is available for free estimates to assist you with your surveying needs. The owner is Calvin J. Lindley, Professional Land Surveyor (PLS), whose education includes both a degree in Land Surveying and a degree in Forestry.  

*We will provide you with professional land surveying services and will be able to handle all of your land surveying needs and requirements.  Our experience, expertise, professionalism and quick availability provides prompt, reliable amd professional land surveying services in an accurate and cost effective manner. 
                                                                                                                      Calvin J. Lindley PLS                  

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