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    Property Line Survey - A survey that determines the boundary or property line through surveying techniques.DSCN1780

   Elevation Certificate - A survey that certifies the Elevations in and around a structure such as a House or Building.  Also, the square footage along with other elements is measured and noted.

   Topographic Mapping - A survey that interprets the lay of the land. It may show geographic features, vegetation, buildings, waterways, etc., and is usually expressed in the form of a map.

   Construction Staking - Staking the location, using surveying methods, for new construction of  buildings,  parking lots and houses

   Hydrographic Survey - A survey that determines the depth and horizontal location of a body of water such as a river, lake, harbor, etc.

   A.L.T.A - A survey that is used to help determine the value of a property for title insurance purposes.

   Emergency Survey - A survey that needs a response immediately or on a priority basis. This will require an extra cost.


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